Clutches have to be kept properly adjusted, even self adjusting clutches have to be checked as they can and often do jam.

The clutch fitted is of the highest manufacture and carries a 2 year or 20.000 mile manufacturers warranty against parts failure.

All claims under this warranty of parts or fitting not carried out by us must have written approval before being carried out.

Clutch failure due to use outside normal road usage will not be considered :-

Clutch fitted to up rated engines (Chipped, re mapped)

Cars used for Motor Sport or road racing.

Off road vehicles.

Tow Vehicles.

Stop and start Vehicles, Taxi’s. Delivery vans....

Clutch failure due to non clutch related problems also will not be covered : -

Oil,diesel or water contamination.

Gearbox failure.

Engine misfire or running badly.

Any claim where we give written approval to be inspected not by us will require the parts fitted under warranty to be returned with a completed warranty claim form. Normal labour rates paid out by under warranty are official book times @ £35 per hour. If after inspection by the manufacturer  a claim is upheld. We also reserve the wright to limit any claim to a full refund.