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2021 @ Triple ‘S’ Clutch and Brake Services Limited. Reg. In England  2823697

In most cases the serviceability of the DMF will be obvious :-

1. Rattles or clonks.

2. Clogged in black grease from the centre bearing

3. Gone blue in colour.

4. DMF has lost damping action by going solid.

5. Too much rotation. Usually over 30mm.

6. Centre bearing has collapsed or allows excessive rock. Cars 2mm, Vans 4mm.

7. Starter ring or timing lugs brocken.

As a rough guide we find when used properly the DMF will last around the 80 - 100,000 miles on most Fords and Vauxhall  diesel applications. Petrol engines are much kinder to the DMF and The Mondeo 02 - will in most cases outlast the life of the car. VW,s on the other hand require the engines to be running as new. Even when the ecu shows no fault codes the engine can be the cause of premature failure, especially when the DMF failure is due to it becoming clogged in grease.